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This is where I will be writing articles on things that are massage and essential oil related. It may be an article about what a specific essential oil is used for or the properties of the oil, or it may be about the benefits of massage or some massage related topic. I hope you enjoy reading about my interests.

5 Reasons not to feel guilty for having a massage

By atouchofhealt5958, Aug 9 2018 08:16PM

People everywhere, especially women, seem to feel guilty about taking time out to look after themselves. It's OK when it's a gym session, because that's virtuous and "hard work" - but if all we're investing our time in is an hour or so of being relaxed beyond belief at the hands of a massage therapist, it's as if we're committing a deadly sin by prioritizing our own well-being.

Well, I have news for you. Your well-being is important and self-care is a vital part of looking after that well-being. Even if you're a busy parent, worker or caregiver, you need to take time to do something good for yourself because if you are depleted and tired, you'l have no energy to do anything for the other people who need you.

You know it makes sense.

Sometimes, though, other people can try to make you feel as if indulging yourself in a massage is a waste of time when you could be doing something else (usually what they want you to do). Here are five good reasons you can give to other people if they ever give you a hard time for getting your regular massage.

1. A good massage will help relieve muscle tension. Muscle tension can lead to headaches, which put you in a grouchy mood. Nobody wants a grouchy parent/co-worker do they? Therefore, tell them that you are going for a massage and that they will thank you for it when you return with a sunny disposition.

2. It helps you sleep! If your insomnia is starting to irritate your family, and wake them up too, tell them you're going for a massage because you don't want their sleep to suffer along with yours. It's true that a massage helps to boost serotonin levels which have been proven to help with sleep). Obviously, being tired makes you much less productive at work too, so a decent massage helps you to work smarter and more productively.

3. Suffering form chronic pain? It's an expensive business isn't it? If the cost of your pain medication is starting to mount up, see if getting a massage on a regular basis might help you to reduce the amount of drugs you need to take. Then you'll be saving money and not using so many drugs, both of which put you at an advantage.

4. Are you constantly getting colds, coughs and infections that you end up passing on to everyone else? Avoid becoming the office pariah for your germ-spreading and try massage instead. Deep tissue and Swedish massage have been proven to support the lymphatic system which is your body's defense system against illness.

5. They want you to be happy, don't they? This has to e the #1 reason for a massage, because the happier you are, the more other people will benefit from your improved mood and general relaxed demeanor.

So - you don't have to make excuses for scheduling in your next massage appointment. Remember, as they say in the commercial, "You're worth it."

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