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This is where I will be writing articles on things that are massage and essential oil related. It may be an article about what a specific essential oil is used for or the properties of the oil, or it may be about the benefits of massage or some massage related topic. I hope you enjoy reading about my interests.

By atouchofhealt5958, Feb 29 2020 05:47PM

We are bombarded with messages all the time telling us that we need to relax - but at the same time, it seems as if we are also bombarded with reasons not to! The truth is that if you take care of your body and mind, it pays dividends and can help you to deal with some of the unwelcome things in life that stress us out in the first place. The first things to tackle are getting your share of rest and relaxation. Here's why.

Your Body Needs to Rest

Getting enough sleep, and good quality sleep at that, is absolutely essential for functionibg optimally. Whether you're working, learning or just living, sleep is key. Sleep is also essential for restoring your body's energy, repairing muscle and promoting good appetite. Quality of sleep matters as much as the amount of shut eye you cram in. The more time you spend in the REM stage of sleep, the better, as REM (dream) sleep is the most restorative - ideally you should spend about 25% of time in this type of sleep (if you have a fitness tracker, the sleep tracking function can be a real eye opener). Lack of good sleep can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, headaches and depression. Of course, sleep isn't the only way to rest, relaxation while you'r awake is very important too.

You may have heard of the fight-or-flight response? Well, it has and opposite - the relaxation response. This happens naturally when your body no longer thinks it is in any perceived danger, and when the autonomic nervous system returns to normal after a stressful situation. The relaxation response is like an off switch, where the body moves from a stressed state (physiological arousal) to one of calm. You can bring this response on deliberately by using techniques that are designed to relax both body and mind. Some of the most effective ways to do this include:

- Meditation

- Breathing Exercises

- Yoga

- Massage Therapy

- Facials

- Spa Treatments

How To Relax

Making time to unwind and enjoy life is really important - and often undervalued. Relaxation has many physical benefits; it can decrease your blood pressure, help to relieve pain, and also improve your immune and cadiovascular systems. Did you know that a good belly laugh is one amazingly effective way to de-stress? Get the funny films out, a big laugh can potentially help your heart and lung health as well as promoting muscle relaxation. We all know that a good giggle can help our mental health too; as well as flooding our body with feel-good chemicals, it helps to reduce anxiety.

If you aren't getting enough time to relax, you many find yourself feeling tense and stressed out. Next time you feel the fight-or-flight feelings gettin on top of you, or you notice tell-tale effects of stress like break outs or constant headaches, stop it in its track with a massage session, yoga class or some deep breating exercises and feel that relaxation kick back in...

By atouchofhealt5958, May 30 2019 04:31PM

It's not just stressed moms who apprciate a massage - hard working dads love to receive massages too, and what better time to treat your dad than Father's Day?

Dads can be so hard to buy gifts for at the best of times. They probably smile when they are presented with yet another tie, gift set or Amazon gift card, but how happy could you make your dad with a thoughtful gift that will really benefit his health and well-being too?

For Father's Day, it can be difficult to decide what to give the man who has given you so much. How do you show him just how much you appreciate him? This year why not give the most special man in your lfe the gift of health and well-being and treat him to a massage?

Why a Massage Is a Great Gift

Even if your dad is a newcomer to massage therapy and probably wouldn't book a massage session for himself, he's probably always wondered what a massage would be like. Take the decision out of his hands and give him an opportunity to find out for himself with a massage gift certificate for Father's Day.

As any massage lover knows, a massage isn't just something you get after an injury or to relax when you've been overdoing it, it's an important part of a healthy lifestyle that's good for you in its own right. Massage therapy is a good preventative step you can take to keep yourself healthy: treating your dad to massage is a way of telling him that you care and want him to stay well. What better way to show a great dad just how much he means to you? If you need any more convincing, here are a few benefits you might like to share with him on Father's Day.

What a Massage Can Do for Your Dad

1. Regular massage can help to improve his physical performance. As men ( and women ) get older it undeniably gets a bit harder to stay fit, but scheduling in regular massage therapy can help by improving flexibility and overall physical performance, which means your dad gets to stay more active for longer.

2. It helps to keep his blood pressure lower. Cardiovascular health is a big health concern, especially for men, and a dose of regular massage can be a real help with lowering blood pressure if it's on the high side. It also helps reduce stress and tension.

3. It's good for raising immunity. Rather than dealing with the misery of colds and minor illnesses, strenghten his immune system with a massage so that he can fight them off better. Studies have shown that massage really does help to boost natural immunity and increase well-being, which will help your dad to fight off disease and improve his quality of life too.

4. It helps to boost energy, and improve feelings of well-being and vitality.

With all those benefits, you have to admit that a massage gift certificate is much better for your dad this Father's Day than another pair of socks or a tie!

By atouchofhealt5958, May 3 2019 07:12PM

Everybody loves to show their mom how special she is at this time of the year, but how to do it in a way that she'll really appreciate, and that you didn't do last year?

Put a bit of effort into making mom happy and she'll be so grateful that you might get an extra invite for dinner as well! Some people think that they can get away with the cliched candy and chocolate, or flowers for their most important lady.

All Mom's need to be spoiled, and how better to take care of someone than offer them a gift that will do some real good. Moms are busy, almost all of the time. You see her doing her very best to keep everone happy - take notice of the things she says about her mood, her body and how she's feeling and try to find her the right type of massage. At A Touch of Health Massage Therapy, you don't need to worry about choosing the right massage, because the massage will be tailored to her.

Has Mom been complaining of back ache? Or general stiffness, aches and pains? You know that a massage will really help, don't you? Imagine her face as you present her with a gift certificate for massage at her nearest spa or massage center. She'll be super happy to receive a gift that's going to soothe the aches and pains, but also she'll be touched that you actually listened to her when she told you about them.

Maybe Mom does everything for everyone and you think it's about time that she was treated to a little relaxation time? Why not give her a package of massage treatments so that she has to take a little time out and relax on a regular basis? Even if she protests that she doesn't have the time to spend an hour or so on pampering herself, you can bet she'll enjoy it as soon as you convince her that yes, she does! You could even organise a gift set of pampering spa products to go with the massages so that she carries on with a little spa and massage related self-care in the comfor of her own bathroom. Just being a little bit thoughtful will get you a long way.

This Mother's Day give her what she relly wants, and show a little extra care, attention and thought when you choose the gift for your mom. Flowers will wilt, house plants need looking after, chocolates don't last and ornaments need cleaning - but a massage is a gift that keeps on giving...

By atouchofhealt5958, Aug 9 2018 08:16PM

People everywhere, especially women, seem to feel guilty about taking time out to look after themselves. It's OK when it's a gym session, because that's virtuous and "hard work" - but if all we're investing our time in is an hour or so of being relaxed beyond belief at the hands of a massage therapist, it's as if we're committing a deadly sin by prioritizing our own well-being.

Well, I have news for you. Your well-being is important and self-care is a vital part of looking after that well-being. Even if you're a busy parent, worker or caregiver, you need to take time to do something good for yourself because if you are depleted and tired, you'l have no energy to do anything for the other people who need you.

You know it makes sense.

Sometimes, though, other people can try to make you feel as if indulging yourself in a massage is a waste of time when you could be doing something else (usually what they want you to do). Here are five good reasons you can give to other people if they ever give you a hard time for getting your regular massage.

1. A good massage will help relieve muscle tension. Muscle tension can lead to headaches, which put you in a grouchy mood. Nobody wants a grouchy parent/co-worker do they? Therefore, tell them that you are going for a massage and that they will thank you for it when you return with a sunny disposition.

2. It helps you sleep! If your insomnia is starting to irritate your family, and wake them up too, tell them you're going for a massage because you don't want their sleep to suffer along with yours. It's true that a massage helps to boost serotonin levels which have been proven to help with sleep). Obviously, being tired makes you much less productive at work too, so a decent massage helps you to work smarter and more productively.

3. Suffering form chronic pain? It's an expensive business isn't it? If the cost of your pain medication is starting to mount up, see if getting a massage on a regular basis might help you to reduce the amount of drugs you need to take. Then you'll be saving money and not using so many drugs, both of which put you at an advantage.

4. Are you constantly getting colds, coughs and infections that you end up passing on to everyone else? Avoid becoming the office pariah for your germ-spreading and try massage instead. Deep tissue and Swedish massage have been proven to support the lymphatic system which is your body's defense system against illness.

5. They want you to be happy, don't they? This has to e the #1 reason for a massage, because the happier you are, the more other people will benefit from your improved mood and general relaxed demeanor.

So - you don't have to make excuses for scheduling in your next massage appointment. Remember, as they say in the commercial, "You're worth it."

By atouchofhealt5958, Dec 2 2017 06:37PM

When you go to a massage therapist for a massage, there are a few things you should know about your massage. I would like to take some time today to go over them. These are things to prepare for your massage, what to expect during your massage answers, to general questions and complaints I hear about massage therapists.

1. Most important is that it is your massage. That means that if the pressure is too much or too little, speak up. We massage therapists are not mind readers. If you do not tell us, we don’t know. We should be checking in with you and inviting you to tell us if the pressure is not right, but we are human and sometimes we just get caught up in doing what we love to do. Which is massage. I know that I do this because I love it. I would hope that that is true for other massage therapists as well. Let us know if it’s too warm or too cold in the room or you don’t like the music. I had one client tell me that he likes to have Earth Wind and Fire played during his massage. Guess what. I went home and had Earth Wind and Fire added to my playlist. It was his massage. If at all possible, I will always accommodate your choices in music and temperature. If you don’t like a technique used by the massage therapist, speak up. Again, we don’t know if you don’t tell us. If it bothers you, I know, I would rather not use that technique. You don’t even owe me a reason why. You simply don’t like it. Let the therapist know. If you come in and ask for deep tissue and it turns out you don’t like deep tissue, it should always be adjusted to accommodate you. Please, don’t ever suffer through your massage.

2. Remove your jewelry. There are a few reasons for this. You may not want massage cream or oil all over your jewelry making it gunky. Also consider this. You come in with a necklace or multiple necklaces on and the therapist is trying to work on your neck, but keeps getting caught up in the necklace(s). I’m going to guess that even though the therapist is trying, you are not going to get the neck work you would be getting. The same goes for other jewelry. Hoop earrings actually scare me. I worry about getting caught in one and ripping your ear. With large hoops, even working the neck can be risky.

3. Turn off your phone if possible. This is your time to relax. Not only does that phone startle you, but the therapist gets in a zone. When your phone rings it can be very startling. I can’t imagine that is very relaxing for you. I do understand that you may need to have the phone on at times. Maybe you are on call for work or some other reason you need to have the phone on that particular day. I get that. Maybe you can turn the ringer down low. Keep in mind, when you are in the waiting room, someone else may be getting a treatment of some kind and listening to your phone ring or listening to your phone conversation can be very disruptive. It’s ok to step outside if you need to take a call.

4. Drink water before and after your massage. This helps with hydration. Your body needs this. It will also help with your massage. Especially if you are having deep tissue massage. It can help to prevent soreness during and after your massage. Water is very important. That is why I give water after your massage. As much as your body needs hydration, so do your muscles.

5. Show up on time. Showing up on time means you get your full massage. I try to accommodate people when I can. However, I can’t take away from someone else to give a full service to someone who is late. Sometimes even at the end of the day, I just have to be somewhere after work.

6. Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. I understand that. Please try to give as much notice as you can. If you cancel while I am in the session just before yours, I do not have time to try to fill that time slot.

7. I hear the question quite often “how should I dress?” I recommend comfortable clothing. If you are coming from work, just come in your work clothes. You may want to bring something comfortable for after your massage. My thought process on that is that you may not want to put on a suit and tie or a skirt and nylons after your massage. That is completely up to you though.

8. How much do I have to take off for my massage? I can tell you that I will always meet you at your comfort zone. Some people take off everything. This gives me access to more areas. Respect will always be there though. It is required from both parties. I am not going to expose anything that should not be exposed. You may want glute work. I can do that. That may be out of your comfort zone. I will work with that also. If you choose to leave your underpants on, that’s perfectly fine. If you are not comfortable undressing at all, that is ok too. You may be more comfortable with chair massage. In chair massage, you are fully clothed.

9. Inclement weather happens in New England. I understand when people cancel because they don’t feel safe driving in it. Don’t worry about making the appointment because you are afraid it might snow. If it snows, I expect cancellations. Just give me a call so that I know you are not going to make it in. That’s ok.

10. The most important thing to remember is that this is your massage. With that in mind, also remember you are probably not the only person in the office. Other people deserve the same respect also. I want you to enjoy your massage, but I also want others to enjoy their treatment.

These are suggestions to help you have the best massage you can have. I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be very happy to respond.

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