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January and February Special



A bit of a contest this time!

Referrals are very important to businesses. In January and February, I will figure out who had the most referrals for the 2 months and the winner will receive a gift certificate for a free massage. This will be on top of the normal referral incentive. There are cards on my desk and in the waiting room that say 20% off your first visit. If you write your name on the card and someone comes in with it, I will know that you sent them. This is great for someone who would like to leave some cards at the gym or other places that they go. This incentive would be added to the normal referral incentive listed below.
























Referral Incentive

1st Referral = 20% off next massage

2nd Referral = 20% off next massage

3rd Referral = Free 1-hour massage

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Your Referrals Are So Appreciated