Christmas Spirit

Have you tried Christmas Spirit essential oil blend yet. It smells so good. It is a blend of orange, cinnamon bark and spruce. It is just such a warm, spicy and sweet blend. It is a blend that brings me back to when I was a kid. This is a great essential oil blend to use during the holiday season and throughout the winter months to sit around with family and friends to reminisce about the past and create new memories for the future. It is a blend that promotes joy and peace. It may also be very beneficial in protecting against airborne viruses and bacteria because it contains very powerful antiviral and antiseptic oils. It may also be very soothing and healing to the respiratory system. Some of the ways you can use this oil are to diffuse the oil in a diffuser, make a room spray or a carpet powder. You could add it to cedar chips for dresser drawers or potpourri. This blend does contain cinnamon bark which is a warm oil, so it can cause skin sensitivity. If you are going to wear it, please dilute it in a carrier oil such as olive, coconut or grapeseed oil. I know it is called Christmas Spirit, but I really think it it will fit into everyones holiday season.

This blend is made up of 3 essential oils. For this reason, I would like to tell you about the properties of the 3 oils it is made with. Orange is antiseptic, anticancer, antidepressant, antispasmodic, digestive, sedative and tonic. Cinnamon Bark is antibacterial, antidepressant, antifungal, anti-infectious(intestines, urinary), anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, immune-stimulant, purifier, sexual stimulant and warming. Black Spruce is antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, cortisone-like, disinfectant and tonic. As you can see, these are very powerful oils. The cinnamon bark is warming. This is the reason you want to dilute this oil if you are using it topically.

I’m sure that no matter what holiday you celebrate, you have good memories and there is a sense of joy and peace to the season for you. As adults, we have a new perspective on the holidays. We now have to make the plans, prepare the meals, do the shopping and make the holiday season come together. I can only speak from the Christmas perspective, because that is what I grew up celebrating. That does not make anyone elses holiday any less special or magical. No matter what you are celebrating, I hope it is special and magical for you, your family and your friends.

When I was a child, my mom was amazing at making Christmas come together. We grew up in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. My dad was a carpenter so he didn’t have a lot of work in the winter and my mom was a nurses aid and made very little money, but from my perspective, they went all out on Christmas. Now I can look back and see just how creative and inventive my mom was to make it feel like it did. She would buy a ton of $.25 items from the toy party and wrap each one of those. Then we alway got a new plastic sled. There were other things in there, but there we enough inexpensive items individually wrapped that you didn’t notice that there was not much money spent. It felt like you were unwrapping forever. Mom made all of the Christmas goodies herself. We didn’t have a lot candy and cookies that came from the store. Our stockings always had an array of fruit in them. That took up a lot of space. We had huge stockings as kids. We also got a lot of the things we really needed. That’s when we were stocked up on undergarments. This also took up quite a bit of space. Dad would take us out to get a really big tree and bring it home. Then the Christmas music would start and mom would bring all of the Christmas decorations out of the attic. She would make a big bowl of popcorn and take out the sewing kit. We would spend time stringing the popcorn for the tree. This kept us busy while mom got the decorations set up for us to decorate the tree. We had special ornaments. Each of us had a bell ornament with our name on it. There were also the doves to put on the tree. I have noticed that my mom still has those. They are obviously not as new as they were then, but it is always a really good feeling to see them on the tree. There was an art to getting the tinsle on the tree all the way to the top without it looking like it was just clumped there. Tree decorating was the best day of the year. It was even better than birthdays. Everyone enjoyed it. On Chistmas eve, we always went to my mom’s friend Shelby’s house and then from there we went to midnight mass in the town of Black Brook. That was the only mass we went to there. Every other mass we went to was in the town of Au Sable. That was closer to our house. On Christmas morning mom made a big breakfast, then dad handed out the gifts. That was his favorite part. I think he liked passing out gifts more than receiving them. After opening up our gifts and having mom take our picture for what seemed like every gift, we would pick up all of our gifts and take them to our room. The rest of the day, we were out sledding and just playing in the snow. I don’t ever remember a Christmas without snow. It really was the most magical day of the year. As my kids grew up, I tried to be like mom, but I really think I fell short. I’m not nearly as creative or inventive as my mom. We still always have the big breakfast, even now that my kids are grown, we get together for Christmas morning breakfast. Everything waits until everyone is there. Like my dad, my favorite part is watching everyone open their gifts. Getting gifts really doesn’t mean that much to me anymore. I just love to watch their faces when they open something really cool that shows I’m not completely hopeless in knowing what is cool and what is not. However, I stress more in the store and my son did end up with a 4XL shirt a couple of years ago that went down to his knees. That one had to go back to the store. It was a good laugh though. After that we all go to see my husbands family and the first weekend in January we go back up to the Adirondacks to do it all over again with mom. We seem to do a lot of celebrating for the holidays, but it’s all about the dinners together now. We don’t get that many when brothers, sisters, parents, grandchildren and now even great-grandchildren are all together for dinner. It really is still magical. Reguardless of what holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a magical holiday season. I wish you and your family peace and love this season.

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