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Do you value the importance of self-care? Do you want some help managing the pain and stress in your life? Look no further! A Touch of Health is here to help improve your health and well-being so that you can feel your best.

Relax and let the outside world go when you step foot into my West Hartford office. Massage therapy can be extremely beneficial whether you are dealing with physical pain or just want to relax. Take some time from your busy schedule to meet with me. We’ll talk about how you feel and what your goals are. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll begin working on your massage goals.

New clients receive 20% off their first massage!

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My Services

I will tailor your massage to your specific needs on the day of your appointment. My sessions are geared toward helping you with pain and stress management. After discussing your goals, lay back and let us do the work!

Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone Massage

My massages are geared toward helping you feel relaxed and energized.


Reiki and Cloud Drift

Reiki is a treatment that uses palm-healing to transfer energy from the practitioner to the customer. Cloud drift combines Reiki and Swedish massage.


Special Pricing and Incentives

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About A Touch of Health

Self-care is an important and often overlooked part of life. Patty Wade wants to help her clients manage the stress and pain in their lives. She works with her clients to tailor their massage to the client’s own specific needs.

Give the Gift of Massage

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“I thanked Patty again and again for the best massage I have ever had! I am so glad I went with the table massage. it was well worth it! Can’t wait for another one!


“Patty provides a nice personal touch and caters to your needs. She has the best hands that find the knots to knead out. She is very professional and always takes your needs seriously. She has the knowledge to treat specific problems. I love going to get a massage from her. She has become a friend as well.


“If you want to survive the holiday season book a Hot Stone Massage with Patty Wade. The way you will feel is beyond words. Her massages are pure magic!”